Architectural Elements. Copper, Titanium, Zinc, Aluminum.

Zinc Roof, New York.

Zinc Roof over bay window.

Installed in Autumn 2012.

Client: Arch. Rpberto Petrucelli.

Location: Bayside, Queens, New York.

Material: Graphite Gray Preweathered Zinc, 0.8mm by Rheinzink


Roberto's energy efficient house

My involvement with the project started after the work on the zinc began. The architect, having earlier experience with zinc wasn’t convinced that his contractor really knew how to handle the material. After sharing his concerns with the material¬† distributors in US, he was referred to me.

Zinc, considering its chemical and physical properties, doesn’t look as promising candidate for building envelopes. But it turns out that it is doing its job exceedingly well.