Architectural Elements. Copper, Titanium, Zinc, Aluminum.

“the hands that built the Tower of Babel knew nothing of the dream of the brain that had conceived it”.

“Metropolis”, 1927

Metal in Architecture




Metal Roofs,  Elements,  Facades.  Design,  Supervision,  Realization.


European Expertise and Tradition. World quality.


Portfolio of over 100 works. In several countries and a couple of continents.





Michael’s expertise is in realization of technically daring and high visual impact projects.

He has an eye of a designer, hand of a craftsman and knowledge, gives him unique control over the whole work process.

He is able to clearly visualize from the blueprints, how the spirit of the design – as conceived by architect – translates to the finished object. Then to navigate the work skillfully through all the different stages, never loosing the sight of the whole.

The reality, so common on bigger projects – that the design is handed down a long chain of people with little of common language, and the results have little in common with the design – is non existent.



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Michael Lachowski


Copper,  Titanium,  Zinc,  Aluminum,  Standing  Seams,  Batten Rolls, Flat Seams,  Domes,  Cupolas,  Vaults, Facades,  Gutter Systems,



All the photos on this website are of projects with Michael’s personal involvement.