Architectural Elements. Copper, Titanium, Zinc, Aluminum.

Mandarin Oriental, Rivera Maya

Mandarin Oriental Rivera Maya, Mexico.

Juan of Diseño Conceptos y Opciones en Arquitectura S.A. called me one day and invited to fly over to Cancun for a few days.

He had there a copper roofing project for the future resort of Mandarin Oriental and his guys in a critical stage encountered technical difficulties.They were not sure how to proceed.

Few days later I got there. I examined the existing plans and the progress of the work. After that we had then a long meeting, during which we discussed the different aspects of the work and possible solutions. At the end of this meeting, Juan proposed to me to manage the project for him. We agreed that I will stay there and manage the project for him for a while. As it turned out, I stayed there till the project’s  completion.

My duties there included: revision of architect’s blueprints; redesign of details; management of changes and additions to the original scope of the project; preparation of production drawings; supervision over and participation in production and in installation; coordination of the work of our team with representatives of the main contractor and architects.